Between Americans

Call for

artists, designers, builders & performers

in a night of art about political discourse

Westlake Park, Seattle. November 8, 2017, 5–10pm. Download PDF for details


on November 8, 2017 at Westlake Park in Seattle. A web version will also launch on that date. Both will tell a visual story of the year.

This project is partially funded through the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture smART ventures grant, and made possible with help from the Downtown Seattle Association. Thanks, Seattle!

Why this project?

Because none of us benefits from a divided nation.

Because we’ll probably need each other’s help decoding the news this year.

And to seek small actions we individually can do to become stronger citizens.

How it works:

Who's participating?

12 Trump and 12 Clinton supporters, referred through friends of friends. Most started the year as strangers. Participants have been selected to closely approximate exit poll demographics along lines of race, gender, sexual orientation, and military experience.

The 24 voters live all over the map, from overseas to South Dakota to Seattle. Two are LGBTQ, two are Muslim, and eight are people of color, including one Trump voter. The Christian faith, military experience, careers in health care, and time spent in the Middle East can be found among participants on both sides.

Latest News

We shared the stage with The Evergrey and The Heart Perception Project to talk about nonviolent political communication. Here's the video from Town Hall Seattle.

Similar Projects

Other projects on dialoguing across the divide: please get in touch! Here's a running list of what we know about so far.

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it has become impossible for me to ignore the fact that the world we are creating does not come close to fulfilling its promise.

peter block, from community: the structure of belonging